Estate Planning

Estate planning is much more than merely creating a will. Estate planning mainly involves a punctilious preparation of end-of-life tasks that serve to facilitate the transfer of assets, protect your loved ones and property, and overall manage your asset base in the event of your demise or incapacitation.

At Koram, our estate planning services have been developed to help preserve what you have worked very hard to build over the years and reinforce your plan for the eventual distribution of your assets to your heirs.


  • Obtain financial security for your family.

  • Pass your estate on to your heirs according to your wishes.

    • Provide income to family members or provide for the disposition of a business after the estate owner’s death.

  • Reduce or eliminate taxes, administrative expenses and delays in connection with the transfer of your estate.

  • Provide liquidity to cover taxes, debts and expenses your estate may owe.

  • Provide the peace of mind that comes with knowing steps have been taken to protect the people who depend on you, as well as everything you’ve worked a lifetime to build.

The primary purpose of estate planning is to accomplish the distribution of assests, to whom you wish minimizing taxation. Having a successful estate plan assures your wishes for your heirs. The initial planning process includes taking an inventory of your assests, discussing with trusted planners, such as attorneys and accountants, your goals for the future. Call us to check out our estate planning services to learn more about what steps you should take to properly put your estate plan in place.