Life & Health Department Overview

Life Insurance

Life insurance policies provide named beneficiaries with lump-sum payments, known as dead benefits, upon the death of insured party or posterior to the progression of a certain course of time. To be specific, term life insurance generally provides protection for a established period of time, whereas permanent insurance, such as whole and universal life, provides lifetime coverage.

Life insurance serves a variety of purposes, such as providing financial security to heirs or charitable organizations, indemnification against the loss of a main member of a business, funding preparation of a business continuation and much more. Because everyone has different needs and financial considerations, life insurance is crafted and implemented based on the fixed goals and specific needs of the owner. Hence, life insurance coverage presents a variety of forms, with a vast range of features that you can individually tailor to your own unique circumstance.

Types of Life Insurance are:

  • term life

  • permanent / whole life

  • universal / adjustable life

  • variable life

  • variable universal life

  • individual long-term care (ltc) insurance

  • individual DISABILITY insurance

  • final expense insurance

health insurance

Health insurance helps protect an individual or family from fiscal burden for costs incurred due to sickness or injury. Also, health insurance can help individuals to lead healthier lives by paying for preventive measures. We at Koram strive to deliver exceptional value, quality and choice with reasonable premiums, a wide range of benefit level choices, and extensive access to doctors, hospitals and medical services in all regions of the state.

Finding the right and appropriate health insurance products can be onerous in nowadays insurance environment. We offer not only a complete line of individual health insurance products that are designed to meet you and your family’s specific needs, but also meet your employees’ needs.

  • individual / family health plan

  • group health plan

  • vision insurance

  • dental insurance

  • affordable care act (ACA)

  • medicare (part a, b, c, d)

  • medicare supplemental plan (medigap)


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