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Simply put, an annuity is insurance for your retirement income. An annuity is essentially designed to grow your money, protect you from the risk of outliving your income, and provide a steady stream of income during your retirement. In fact, through annuitization, your purchase payments are converted into either a single payment (lump sum) or series of periodic payments that can last for life. Annuitization, as a long-term investment, will enhance your retirement security and deliver guaranteed income you can count on.

key types of annuities

  • Fixed

  • Variable

  • Accumulation / Deferred

  • Pay-Put / Immediate

  • Fixed Indexed

key Benefits of Annuities

  • Tax-Deferral Growth

  • Death Benefit

  • Protection & Guaranteed Rates

  • Lifetime Income Benefits

  • Alternate Way of Save for Retirement Income

retirement plan

From market volatility, uncertainty, and regulatory changes to longer participant life spans, retirement planning is now a significant and dynamic process that requires extensive attention. You can take well-deserved time off later more comfortably and stably with retirement insurance plan as it offers a retirement income for greater financial freedom in the later years.

At Koram, our retirement plans and services are available to all individuals, organizations of all sizes, plans of all kinds, and industries of all types. Make your golden years more secure and comfortable with our retirement insurance plan. From individuals and small businesses to large organizations, we develop income strategies and provide a wide array of retirement plans and services, follwoing:

individual retirement plan

  • Traditional IRA

  • Rollover IRA

employer-sponsored retirement plan

  • Simple IRA

  • SEP Plan

  • 401 (K) Plan

  • 403 (B) Plan

  • Payroll Deduction IRA

  • Defined Benefit Pension Plan

  • Profit Sharing Plan (Keogh Plan)

College savings plan

  • Section 529 Plan

  • Coverdell Education Savings Account Plan

  • UGMA & UTMA Custodial Accounts

estate plan

Proper estate planning can constructively build a strategy that will accomplish your goals as the estate owner for the present and future (while you’re alive and posterior to your demise). It’s an ongoing preparation and process that incorporates the creation, preservation and distribution of asset without ambiguity.

An estate planning for how an individual’s assets will be conserved, managed, directed and distributed can be as uncomplicated and simple as having a individual will and life insurance. But it could also use trusts, business continuation plans, charitable/non-profit arrangements, and other crucial elements in order to establish the tasks of estate planning in details.


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